Recover Your Lost Emails And Files

Established since 2002, Recover Deleted Email is one of the Nation’s premiere technology services for recovering lost or deleted emails, files and folders. Our data recovery and repair software is available for online purchase. The software can also be installed on a CD and shipped to you if you’d prefer to have a physical copy of what you are buying. For more information regarding price and logistics please email us!

Many businesses also use our services. Losing data and information could be detrimental to a business and could severely postpone its services. We have many large companies and corporations that use our software to recover any information that has been lost. Two well known companies that use our services are

Another company that we have partnered with that is a solid sized business is a Spokane window washing company. They had a huge data loss incident consisting of all their clientele years back. They found us, gave us a call and we solved all of their problems! They were so relieved and thrilled that they have stick with us every since.

We have over 25,000 customers that use this software for personal use as well. Our products are revolutionary and can be used to save all sorts of lost and crashed data, files and information.

What Our Software is Capable Of: 

  • Recovers lost, accidentally or intentionally deleted emails for Microsoft, Google and Yahoo accounts.
  • Recovers computer data after physical crash of hard drive.
  • Is able to recover information from all storage devices such as hard drives, multi-disk drives, mobile devices, mp3 players and Ipods, cameras and more.
  • Recovers contacts, music, calendars, attachments, photos, journals, notes and distribution lists.

Our software recovers your files by scanning and and locating all deleted items, both those that have been accidentally or purposefully removed manually or by emptying the Deleted Items folder. Our tool has an extremely easy to use interface. It is very self explanatory and easy to follow. No matter the understanding of technology, all are able to use our software.

Why Use Our Software:

  • More people than you think lose their files, folders, emails and important information. Don’t label yourself as someone who that will never happen to.
  • Odds are you won’t lose everything, but that doesn’t mean small files and portions of date couldn’t get deleted that you wish you could regain. Have a plan already in place that allows you to take immediate actions.
  • It is more affordable than any recovery tool out there. There is no monthly fee, you simply pay once to obtain the software and can use it for the rest of your computers life as many times as you wish.
  • Using our software will alleviate stress and give you comfort. Knowing that no matter what happens to your information, you will be able to recover it is very relieving. Don’t go without this luxury.
  • It will save you tons of money in the long run. Going into your local apple, best buy, or Microsoft carrier store will be extremely costly if you want to recover lost data. Paying for our services one time will save you money without doubt in the long run.

We also recommend that you back up all of the data, files and information that is of any importance or significance. Yes our software can recover mostly anything but it is still a good idea for all computer users to store their data in more than one place. Here is a program that gives you a back up plan. Take a look.

As you now know, this video just gives you a rundown of how horrible it can be if you lose all your information. Please, for your own sake back things up. At the same time, if you don’t or you misplace something and lose it, that is what companies like us are here for. We want to do whatever it takes to help you and make sure that you feel at peace and secure when it comes to your data, files and emails.

Also, if you ever need general questions that you have regarding your computer or hard drive we are happy to answer those as well. We are experts in the area of computers and computer programming and we love helping people! Just shoot us an email at

There you have our company and software in a nutshell. On our blog page, we will continually be putting up content explain how to use our software and how it can help you. We will also be offering tips and information on how to use your email to its full potential, completely complementary. We like to provide our subscribers and users with the most value possible.